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Vermont Communication Support Project (VCSP)


The Vermont Communication Support Project (VCSP) recruits, trains and certifies Communication Support Specialists (CSS) who can assist people with disabilities in Court, administrative hearings and related meetings. The accommodations that are offered by a specialist support communication, and overcome barriers to effective communication caused by disability. The Communication Specialist is not an advocate, and does not offer legal advice. A large percentage of people who qualify for VCSP services are represented by legal counsel.

The Vermont Communication Support Project is the first program of its kind in the Nation. Providing specialized communication accommodations for people with disabilities offers equal access to our system of justice and State services. VCSP is administered by Disability Rights Vermont and is funded by the Agency of Human Services (DCF, DAIL, DMH) and the Vermont Judiciary. For information call toll-free 888-686-VCSP (8277) visit us on the website at or send an e-mail to

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To be eligible for a Communication Support Specialist a person must have a disability, must need accommodations to communicate and understand what is happening in the proceedings, and the Vermont Communication Support Project services will be effective to assist in overcoming the communication barriers posed by her/his disability.


VCSP serves individuals with disability-related communications barriers that prevent them from fully participating in civil, family, probate and small claims court, as well as state administrative proceedings.

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Relief from Abuse and Stalking
  • Eviction
  • Small Claims
  • Probate Court / Guardianship
  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Children in Need of Supervision (CHINS)
  • Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)
  • DCF Case Management
  • State Administrative Proceedings
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