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Crime Victim Services


Attorneys and advocates who strive to improve the safety and independence of victims of abuse, violence, and other type of crime.


Children and adults who have suffered physical, sexual, financial, or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime.

Victims and survivors of domestic, sexual, dating, stalking, elder abuse, financial, exploitaion.


We are able to offer the following services:

1. Safety planning

2. Supporting victims and survivors to gain independence by accessing community and legal services

  • Assistance as non-mandated reporter/Attorney client privilege
  • Identify victim’s concerns in person or by phone, identify disability related supports
  • Investigate allegations of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, domestic violence when appropriate to assist victim with identifying needs and services
  • Collaborate with statewide victim services including the Network Against Domestic and Sexual Assault agencies, APS, police, etc.
  • Provide training on disability rights information as needed.
  • Assistance and sometimes representation with applying for Relief from Abuse Orders and maintaining defendant’s compliance
  • Support around how to navigate the legal system (reporting to the police, communicating with the State’s Attorney’s Office, etc.)
  • Provide support and collaboration with individual community supports (therapists, case managers, employment, etc.) to ensure victim is safe and receiving services that moves toward healing
  • Assist with reporting to state agencies (APS, DA case manager, etc.) & following up on report status.
  • Assist with maintaining employment (sometimes employers discriminate against victims)
  • Provide long-term emotional and legal support as required
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