Exercising your rights means taking action when you believe you are being treated unfairly by anyone, and doing what is necessary to make sure your rights are respected.

DRVT In the News

Boston Globe, Associated Press, January 29, 2011

LYNDONVILLE, Vt. - An 89-year-old disabled World War II veteran who couldn't get mail delivered to his home because the Postal Service said his narrow street was too tricky for vehicles to navigate finally has a mailbox.

A group of disability advocates helped Robert Rhein overcome obstacles that kept him from having the mailbox closer to his home and find someone to install it for him.

After hearing of Rhein's troubles getting his mail, Tina Wood of Disability
Rights Vermont worked with the office of Senator Bernie Sanders to ask the Postal Service to make a reasonable accommodation for Rhein under the Rehabilitation Act.

The first request was denied, but Rhein appealed. The request was granted
this week and the mailbox installed yesterday.

Since August, Rhein has relied on his daughter to pick up his mail. Now he
says "miracles do happen.

DRVT 2010 Highlights

This past year DRVT and the DLP Disability Law Project were busy defending the rights of people with disabilities both in individual case work and in systemic change. Of course we can’t list everything here that we have done this year but following are a few of our important activities.