We are on the verge of the next civil rights movement in this country, and that is the civil rights and equality for the mentally ill.

~Robert Loomis, Taking Charge

DRVT PAIMI Advisory Council

The PAIMI program is overseen by the PAIMI advisory council to advise Disability Rights Vermont on policies and priorities to be carried out in protecting and advocating the rights of individuals with mental illness.

The PAIMI Advisory Council is comprised of the following representatives: at least 60% primary mental health consumers with the chairperson being an individual who has received or is receiving mental health services or who has a family member who receives such services. Additional members of the PAIMI Advisory Council are family members of mental health consumers, attorneys, mental health professionals, providers of mental health services, and individuals from the public who are knowledgeable about mental illnesses.

2013 PAIMI Advisory Council

Amos Meacham
Laura Sisson
Nicholas Stanton, Esq
Jason Whitney
Alana Raqael
Erika Reil
Sarah Knutson
Cathy Rickerby
Deborah Hill-McGourty