"Disability shouldn't stop you from what you want to do. Get involved- in programs, with advocates, and in the community."

~Jay, Survivor's Guide to Overcoming Disability Barriers

DRVT Board of Directors

DRVT is governed by a Board of Directors that is selected pursuant to federal law to represent a cross section of disability communities and interests within Vermont. The Board is responsible for setting priorities, hiring the Executive Director, approving the annual budget and other important administrative duties.

2020 Board of Directors

President: Sarah Wendell-Launderville
Vice president: Carol Warner
Treasurer: James Pontbriand
Secretary: Michael Sabourin
Member-at-large: Robyn Lambert

Anastasia Douglas
Daniel Burchard, Esq.
David LaCroix
Deb Charlea Baker
Ericka Riel
Jesse Suter
Kirsten Murphy
Tom VanMeter